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Offspring Mysterious Welcome To The Walking Onslaughts

Welcome, to the Walking Onslaughts. Before we let you join, just know it's a lot of factors you have to be weary about. The power of Offspring is a very dangerous thing to posses. Sometime you'll be happy and cheerful and always act weird. You'll have a sudden erge to to become an outspoken person and often time in the mood to party. You'll also go insane because of the deep, devastating thoughts Onslaught contains. Once you get in a fight and you made somebody drew blood, you'll crave for more, and eventually go on a killing spree, and last but not least, cause nothing but pain and suffering inside your body. Joining Walking Onslaughts is a whole different ball game. Cause once you join us, it's no turning back!

  • Runtime: 23 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date:

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