Offspring Mysterious Origins Of Offspring

This is an EP of the beats I made from 6 to 5 months ago when I first started making beats. Reason why I'm dropping it now is because funny story, me and the person who name I should not say was gonna do a Ep around April. But of course, like the old cliche, life happened. Yea I was moving around April and my bro realized when I move out, he not only he doesn't have any anybody to do songs with but also he don't got any songs to drop after I dip. I mean technically yea i can always pick a day to come to his place and record but DIStance is a 30 minute drive, uber cost money because of the distance, my ass was broke and jobless at the time (still am to this day by the way) didn't have a bike sadly either, and shit been hectic ever since we moved. So what we did you may ask? a LOT of songs.

  • Runtime: 15 minutes, 5 songs
  • Release Date:

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