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6 Months in the making has finally lead us to the release of DIVINITY 21 , Divivnity 21 symbolizes growth , supremecy and the quality of being divine or godly.We all learn but at some point need to earn from what we've learnt,Hence being divine means one's at a stage in life where he has absorbed enough knowledge to release to others for them to learn too.Growing up also brings about new responsibilities & obstacles that one has to overcome hence it is not going to be easy all the time for one to always do what's right.Another fact about being divine is knowing who to cut off in life for some people may lead you astray cancelling out your love for arts/your dreams , Yungboyzeus presents DIVINITY 21, a small tape where as he expresses his love and knowledge for life in a more Divine manner

  • Runtime: 44 minutes, 12 songs
  • Release Date: