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"Four in the Jewish culture means Growth and a state of being. Social distancing and self isolation made me spend a lot of time with myself and I came to realize that I have grown in every aspect of myself both in artistry and as a human being. If you have followed my Journey from 7 to 4, what you will definitely hear is Growth from Dunnie." The song titles are Overdose, Koro, Ordinary and I Need You, and release is scheduled for 28th May 2020, with Overdose being released which was released on 21st May, 2020. Production Credits include Zaki Magic, Androbeats, Tuzi, Klasikbeats & Rome, while writing credits include Troms, MikelMizzy, Cupastonce, IduMusic, Klem, Worship, Tiwadara and Rome. The project was mixed by Mikkyme, Tiwadara & Dunnie

  • Runtime: 10 minutes, 4 songs
  • Release Date:


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