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Ochichi.The.Artist Black&Real

  • Feat. TJ, Jennie & Alfie

Ochichi.The.Artist aka (The Realest Onagi Alive) is originally from Karachuonyo in the Nyanza province of Kenya on the African continent, His philosophy is one shared by many from Africa, as well as many religions found in America and worldwide. His songs are hard to categorize into a single musical genre. One song may fall into one of many styles, while another may be a mixture of styles ranging from rap, hip-hop, trap,urban contemporary, top 40/pop, reggae/island, and African. One song may be a mixture of languages from English, which he speaks perfectly, to Swahili and Luo, not to mention American slang. His sounds are as unique and interesting as his life.

  • Producer: Ochichi.The.Artist, Primestar, Sinima Beats, Scott Styles & Blasian
  • Runtime: 25 minutes, 7 songs
  • Release Date: