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nøll Gold & Silver



HUGE THANKS TO @FUXWITHIT-1 for the write up ARTICLE:…-noll-gold-silver/ "As if inspired by an epic battle scene from your favourite movie, ‘gold & silver’ starts slowly and calmly, before building up to a grandiose euphoria through tribal percussion and an oriental instrumentation. “In ‘gold & silver,’ I wanted to take the listener on a sonic journey, traveling first from an ancient Chinese war anthem to the serenity of a bonsai garden” nøll tells us. “Within the unique sound design and visual artwork, there is a world that can inspire awe or strike fear. The track culminates into the dual roars of battling dragons, one gold and one silver. This dance; an interplay between bass and melody, represents that struggle,” he adds. With the final season of Gam

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