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TSA has become one of the most elusive names in South Africa's emerging artists scene. FNGR SNCKS Mixtape is an extended version of the originally released Finger Snacks EP. Embedded in TSA's latest mixtape is the rapper's bold confident lyricism which has an irresistible way of grabbing the listener's attention. The assertive and deeply intimate track "Winter Baby" is a good example of TSA’s obsession with lyricism – melodic with an emphasis on the narrative, and a variety of witty one-liners. The cover of the mixtape sees TSA pay tribute to his late grandmother who passed away in 2016, "She was a very important mother-figure to me and she couldn't live long enough to see what I'd become. So the cover is me honouring her" he says.

  • Producer: Itsjustabasic & Abucus
  • Runtime: 32 minutes, 10 songs
  • Release Date: