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Fourge Ziggy


today we bring you a song that will really take you back with a vintage/retro feel. the track is called "Ziggy", by Fourge, an artist who usually has his focus on heavier neuro styles, but he is experimenting with new styles and we love what he is doing. this song is special for many reasons, but one of those reasons is that, it has a lot off complex things going on within the production, but manages to pull of a smooth simple sound. the flavors of jazz are strong and the mood is really a unique mixture of sounds from the 80's and sounds from the future. we are looking forward to hearing Fourge do more stuff like this! give him a follow and keep up with his musical creations :) follow Fourge: follow night owl collective: FREE DOWNLOAD: DONATE: mastering by Jade Cicada - https://soundcloud

  • Album: Ziggy
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