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Nate Rose The Nefarious Few LP

Nate Rose

A conceptual experience from start to finish, The Nefarious Few LP highlights key figures that have come and gone throughout Rose’s life. The one thing they all have in common - leaving a wicked impression on him. Rose tells the story of a different nefarious character in each of the LP’s 8 songs. Just as each character brought out different thoughts and emotions in Rose, so too will each track give different emotional experiences to listeners. Whether soft and ethereal or hard and gritty, each song is a standout with vivid imagery and a unique vibe. “This is, by far, my favorite body of work to date,” says Rose. “ I think this project is a great representation of my journey and the people who have played a nefarious role in it.”

  • Producer: Nate Rose, Syde-FX & Danny Waves
  • Runtime: 22 minutes, 8 songs
  • Release Date: