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Nadus Lido - Outstanding (Stadus Remix)



A remix of Lido's 'Outstanding' record off of his I O U 1 album. Lido and I have known each other for years now cc: Pelican Fly Famille and we've always had a mutual respect for each sound. When I heard Outstanding for the first time I just texted him "I gotta" few hours later I had the session from his engineer and I got to work. Steel is probably one of the dopest music producer / DJs / engineers in not just Jersey but the world(recently the NYC DMC Champ(i'll brag for him) but he's been nothing short of a big brother and a blessing to me since we've crossed paths via Brick Bandits almost 10 years ago. We've collaborated on a ton of music together but not much has come out(thats definitely gonna change) and I figured this remix would be a good place to start. So here it is. Stadus.

  • Producer: Nadus, DJ Steel & Stadus
  • Release Date: