MYCOL MYCOL (Deluxe Version)


MYCOL's debut self titled album “MYCOL” (Master Your Cellf On Life) dives deep into the truth of his story and how he came to be where he is today. It is a culmination of different experiences that allows him to see the God in himself and to serve the God in his community. This old soul engulfs you in an array of sultry, smooth, and sexy vocals that leave you feeling lost in his thoughts, emotions, and experiences of self discovery. From love interests (“2 Sweet”), domestic abuse (“My Life”), and the whirlwind of trials & tribulations with social tensions (“Amerrykah”) these Trap like Hip-Hop drums, Jazzy keys, & futuristic Synths leave you wanting more with the phenomenal production of ITHINKITSBBP and the genius storytelling of MYCOL, this is definitely an album worth checking out.

  • Runtime: 40 minutes, 14 songs
  • Release Date: