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MC Eiht & Brenk Sinatra Compton 2 Vienna Vol. 1

Mr. Kennedy

In anticipation for MC Eiht‘s long-awaited album “Which Way Iz West“, The Koalition has created the “Compton 2 Vienna” mixtape, featuring Brenk Sinatra. During the past 5 years, MC Eiht and Austrian hip-hop producer Brenk Sinatra have made many songs together and “Compton 2 Vienna” contains most of their tracks. “Which Way Iz West” will be fully produced by Brenk Sinatra. This mixtape will be the first volume of two mixtapes containing songs between the pair. Volume 2 will be released before the WWIW album drops this year. You will also find a Mr. Kennedy Mix within the tracklisting. The “All 4 Tha Money” track is a blend of MC Eiht’s classic song with Brenk’s “Anotha All Nighta” instrumental from his “Gumbo 2: Pretty Ugly” album.

  • Producer: Mr. Kennedy
  • Runtime: 48 minutes, 17 songs
  • Release Date: