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Mr Eazi Life is Eazi, Vol. 2 - Lagos To London

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Mr Eazi

Mr Eazi returns to level out and one-up the playing field with a meaty collection of Bankufied magic on Life is Eazi Vol. 2 - Lagos to London, his third and most accomplished studio offering. The thirteen songs on this set are arranged such that the listener’s taken on an exclusive and trippy ride down coastal avenues and uptown highways. Banku transcends borders, slang, genre; it’s a chef’s special, a delightful treat and a pleasurable sensation fit for audio scholars and curious sonic tourists to consume. Kenyan Sheng and Naija Pidgin blend with London street talk and Jamaican Patois; area codes melt into vibrant one-street carnivals and arena-sized jump-off’s; hyperlocal beats tease the world stage — Grime becomes Azonto, which backtracks into dancehall and Afrobeats. Highlife, nu-ag

  • Runtime: 39 minutes, 15 songs
  • Release Date: