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Mr Easy Dancehall Chronicles

Mr Easy

This year, Mr Easy has compiled some of his most recent works into a quality album called 'Dancehall Chronicles'. This album was released on his own label Asid Reignz Music as an independent artist. This Album opens up with one of the ladies favorite 'Hotta Dan Dem', 'Surprise', 'Camel Toe' and a combo with Agent Sasco 'Love Dem Bad', a classic singer / deejay duo that works well. Other guest stars on this album is: Beenie Man for yet this mix of styles between a singer and a deejay in 'Fly Away' works well. Farther on, Mr Easy yodels on 'The Don' which he explains why girls appreciate and adore him so much, Original!!! Next smash hit single is 'Gone A Lead' produced by Notnice, which has infectiously took over the dancehall scene worldwide. Dancehall Chronicles is a fun exciting album...

  • Producer: Asid Reignz Music
  • Runtime: 54 minutes, 17 songs
  • Release Date: