The Ill Collabo Time



The Ill Collabo is a meeting of two worlds, South Africa and the Netherlands. It is a collective of likeminded individuals, who joined forces to put together a special project that pays homage to Hip Hop and all its elements. The single “Time” is the first offering from the group. Produced by Mingus and Jim, with DJ Skivvy on the cuts, “Time” is a song about the perception of time. Each MC interprets the concept of time in his own way, using wordplay to expand on the subject matter. MCs: Jimmy Jazzy James, Lowkey Luuk and Mingus. Videographer: Tom Knol DJ: Skivvy Mix and mastered by DJ Skivvy

  • Producer: Mingus, Jim & & DJ Skivvy
  • Album: The Ill Collabo
  • Release Date: November 11, 2014