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Michael Luna Transition

Michael Luna

"Transition" - Growing since his very first release Unraveled back in 2009-2010. Michael has come a long way. Transitioning in to a Pop/Hiphop crossover sensation. Delivering smooth vocals with lyric so simplistic for your ear candy. You get lyrical 16s, catchy hooks and beautiful cadences all throughout his 2016 Transformation. The deliver of "Transition" marks his first independent debut to the industry. Feeling he has caught his groove, style and emotion. he signatures appearances by west coast duo Audio Push, NY native Emilio Rojas, Brian Angel of Day 26 from MTVs Making The Band. and of course his crew LO-KAL Music Group, Kev Decor, LunAtic, MarzP, features from Shallo Mac & Peter Cruz. Trough the ups and downs of relationship to the hard facts of friendship, growing up, and what we a

  • Producer: LunÁtic, Michael Luna, Kev Decor, MarzP & Peter Cruz
  • Runtime: 49 minutes, 13 songs
  • Release Date: