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Metta World Peace Only One Left


Metta World

Metta World Peace returns with another new release "Only One Left," a painful reminder of where he is from in the Queensbridge section of New York. Metta touches on two fallen friends in verses one and two, the stories of those tragedies are below. Verse three of the referred to three players will be added for Metta's upcoming album. Produced by Humbl Sohl. "Verse three I'm saving for the album," Metta explains. "Yammy is the same Yammy that Prodigy refers to in "Veterans Memorial." Bantu was a elementary scholar turned hustler. He use to get all A's in school . I thought he would get an academic scholarship. Instead he was raised by the streets." "This song effects me everytime I hear it because these people influenced the way I play the game of basketball."

  • Producer: Humbl Sohl
  • Release Date: