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Menace Mitchell $old Out Hosted by Dj o

Brooklyn Mc Menace Mitchell clearly exceeds himself and those around him by setting a tone through 9 Self Produced tracks filled with lively instrumentation and samples stemming from Ny Hip Hop Culture, Reggae and Roots, and many more genres. Apart from maturating his sound ,Menace bars, flows, and well put together songs has created n all around Hip Hop ep with the help of gwinnins own Dj O making this One of the fewest mixtapes in Hip Hop History to be self produced ,engineered,and recorded By an Artist and his original Dj. "Im dropping it like this first for the culture ,wit my Dj to respect that true hip hop art that people foget about or dont know bout,and to let em know they gonna have to really be better than a one lane lover, and then im gonna drop it without the cuts and scratch t

  • Producer: Menace Mitchell
  • Runtime: 38 minutes, 11 songs
  • Release Date: