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Melänika Colorful


Colorful is the 2nd independant EP produced just before the French deconfinement and released in May 31st 2021. Melänika has presented a more eclectic and diverse sounds but at the same time, while expressing her influences and creativity, she has kept the 'Black Music' direction she has been claiming to be faithfull to. Because she can speak different languages, the purpose was still to travel through music, cross the borders by singing in English, French, and Lingala, the main language of the Congo. The trip started with the Caribean dancehall inspired vibe about how much she has been wanting to go to the club during the confinements. From there, her sounds moved to the West Indies, to Africa and finally ends in Paris, France. Melänika produced and wrote all of the 9 songs.

  • Runtime: 34 minutes, 9 songs
  • Release Date: