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The kid Daytona Ft Raheem DeVaughn Hollands (I Made It)


"Good karma, would have it this way. The Kid Daytona visited Europe during this past Summer 2012, and crafted his more recent project "Summer Games: The Kid with The Golden Pen". However, on his trip home the airlines lost one of his bags containing his Hard Drive with other music on it, intended for that album. Months later, he got the bag back amazingly with the content secured. So we present to you the first single "I Made It" Ft. Raheem DeVaughn (produced by Xtreme, mixed by 4nominal) from forthcoming "Lost Luggage" EP, courtesy of the good people at American Airlines". "Lost Luggage" EP - drops Wed Nov 28th, download it. @theKidDaytona @RaheemDeVaughn

  • Producer: Xtreme
  • Album: Lost Luggage
  • Release Date: