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The Kid Daytona x DJ Ozone Runnin' With The Bulls

The Kid Daytona hit the midwest for some shows - Chicago, bloomington, and Ohio. While on the tour in December, he met DJ/Producer and tastemaker - Dj Ozone, and the two discussed working on some music. Daytona has always had deep roots and love in the Chicago area, and has always felt a bond with the talent coming from the Midwest - from KNAWLEDGE, CHUCK ENGLISH, YP, CHANCE THE RAPPER, GLC, BROADWAY, ILL BROWN, and others. The fruits of that experience spawned forth Daytona's latest project "Runnin With The Bulls". Take a ride with Daytona as he teams up with some of good friends from the Midwest on this new Mixtape "Runnin With The Bulls"

  • Runtime: 40 minutes, 11 songs
  • Release Date: