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Max Swan The Fisherman

Max Swan

The Fisherman is the debut album of Philadelphia multi-instrumentalist and producer Max Swan. "Boundaries don't exist when it comes to Max Swan's music. The Philadelphia based songwriter refuses to stay in any singular lane. Instead, he'd rather blend them all together. Watch as Swan travels effortlessly between worlds of R&B, jazz, and electronica on this live performance of "155", a song from his album The Fisherman. Recorded at The Back Room in Philadelphia, check out his ability to be a musical multitasker — from his vocal performance to engineering the sampler to the soaring sax solo at the end. Let's just say that when Swan finds a groove, he dives in deep and compels you to do the same.” – Mike Vasilikos, NPR

  • Runtime: 27 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date: