Marlo Margiela Thank U 4 SMOKiNG 2: Tha SmoKings

From the Virginia collective of creatives, come Marlo a fashion visionary, designer, creator and artist. He is an independent artist signed to his own company he created in college. As an undergrad, he studied Fashion Design, Advertising and Marketing. Lex Luger is a long time childhood friend and influenced him into making music 2 years ago and now he is 3 albums in and this is his first official Mix ape ( SmoKiNG ). His versatility give him the ability to work with any genre or artist. He will in lt grow great, its the thing he's made of.... Thank U 4 Smoking 2

  • Producer: Marlo, Lex Luger, Kinobeats, DjDrew & Fukk12
  • Runtime: 49 minutes, 13 songs
  • Release Date: January 30, 2017