Maglera Doe Boy Progression - The EP.

Progression. Is a project that serves as an audio biography of the last three years of my life in a musical compilation,in these 3 years,I have lived,learned and grown,as an artist and as a creative,with features from Marley Bloo (Pretoria ),Vitu ( Pretoria ),Lucille (Kimberly) and Mojileon ( Klerksdorp ),the project has all elements of myself and my hometown Klerksdorps sounds,slang & style of musical execution,a compilation of my struggles,happiness,nostalgia,love and much more,it is more than an Ep,it is my memoirs,with Bass,Bars and all that is Maglera Doe Boy. Big Shout out to .My Set for the love. .Vitu,Lucille & Marley for the features .II'ndman for the Cover .Klerksdorp for the inspiration .The streets for the hustle. All Hail.

  • Producer: Nash Beats / Mojileon / Subbeats
  • Runtime: 32 minutes, 10 songs
  • Release Date: July 4, 2015