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KARA Lumière is an interpretation of one among the thousands of poems written by General KARA, guide of the Pacific Revolution, most of which highlight the qualities of savior which are in the person of the Very Venerated Sheikh Ahmadou BAMBA. In this poem the Guide relates the supra-dimensional level at which he is at the service of BAMBA through humanity spiritually and physically, including isolation and the production of more than 7000 poetic works. The title '' KARA Light '' is above all a concept that can be defined as the disclosure of hidden values ​​whose materialization could illuminate the world and lift humanity out of the difficulties of life. KARA could be transcribed in Carat (unit of measurement of precious stones); and Light symbolizes the fact of making clear or making

  • Producer: Jean Michel
  • Album: Kara Lumiere (Single)
  • Release Date: