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Luismanameis He Understands



The song “He Understands” was birthed at a very dark time in my life when i felt like nobody else could understand. It was written for everyone out there who sometimes feels God is tired of them because they keep asking for forgiveness and still go back to those flaws. Truth is, God hasn’t given up on you because He Understands, He is only asking that you let him help you overcome those addictions, flaws and situations that keeps bringing you down. As Christians sometimes WE FAIL, Other times we FALL, And because of this we feel like God is mad at us and he doesn’t want to have anything to do with us probably because everyone around us says so and they judge and tag us the most sinful one… But truth is He (God) Understands simply because he is not a man and doesn’t think / see / reason / judge you with your past flaws like men do.

  • Producer: Johnny drille
  • Release Date: