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LoVel Backseat Memories


Harlem-based R&B artist LoVel is pleased to release his long awaited, debut EP, 'Backseat Memories.' Despite an evident mixture of emotions, 'Backseat's'’ sonic focus remains strong and superbly cohesive. Sure enough, you can thank LoVel for that, as he and Lee Al-Taquan (who together form The Hittas) produced the entire EP. Each track on here is connected to one another, allowing the listener to jump around without the feeling that they’re listening to a completely different artist. It’s a rare notion at a time when so many others are trying to appeal to everyone. Instead, LoVel’s carved out a lane for himself, and it’s a musical trip well worth taking; just make sure you have a designated drive. 'Backseat Memories' is now available for free download, courtesy of AudioMack.

  • Producer: The Hittas (Lee Al-Taquan and LoVel)
  • Runtime: 29 minutes, 8 songs
  • Release Date:

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