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L.E.X Dreams Start Young II: Underdog


This album is very special to me, and once again clean. It's a second part to a movement started with my first album. This movement is #DreamsStartYoung. I wrote this album to inspire the ones who feel stomped on constantly, ignored, lost, hopeless, tired, and not motivated. I wrote this album for minorities, women who deserve better, people who have lost a parent, hungry unsigned artists, basketball players who are called "too small," the creative yet shy people, and all my supporters. I hope this project helps you succeed even more than how much you've helped me complete it. It's a different dynamic from the first album, but the same running message. Dreams start young. You can do anything...

  • Producer: L.E.X, J-Rob, Prentice, MadReal & LexiBanks
  • Runtime: 52 minutes, 12 songs
  • Release Date: