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L.A. Juan

DEDICATION NEW​ is the first release from Juan off his upcoming EP: ​PURPLE DUSTY L.A. SUMMERS​ ​set to release October. Juan recruits North Carolina rapper SlyStaySpittin on a back and forth track that displays Juan’s visceral collision. Juan’s point-blank approach “Heard you need a mattress Sealy, Serta, sleeping on me hoe”; captures your attention as the song drops. Although direct Juan seems to come from a place of a level head, until the deep voiced ill willed Sly comes in with a coarse emphasis. Comparing you may get the vibe of Wale and Meek Mill’s “100 Hunnit” from 2011. The back and forth is healthy for hip hop, and connects the West Coast with the South very well. The high energy, and forthright delivery make it hard to sit down through this song.