KOTA the Friend Lyrics-to-Go Vol 2

KOTA The Friend

Brooklyn Bred MC and Independent Artist, KOTA the Friend, returns in 2021,setting the tone releasing Lyrics-to-Go VOL 2 . With Lyrics by KOTA the Friend, Music by Mariette Music & GC Beats and Mixed by Dakun, Lyrics-to-Go Vol 2 like Lyrics-to-Go Vol 1 it’s a short mixtape series KOTA uses to speak to fans. An easy listen over Indie, YouTube-style beats, and bars, very different from an album – the tape is an open letter or a "phone call" to an old friend that catches you up on where he's at mentally, emotionally, and physically. It stems from his visual YouTube "Lyrics-to-Go" series that has amassed 50 million+ views with notable episodes such as "KALIEF" (inspired by Jay-z's 4:44) & "COLORADO" (known amongst fans for the Mac Miller shoutout) and many others.

  • Runtime: 15 minutes, 10 songs
  • Release Date: January 21, 2021