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Kosha DIllz Awkward in a Good Way

Kosha Dillz

An album that is truthfully a great representation of Kosha DIllz, Awkward in a Good Way has become sort of a motto for those who engage with an act of such diverse and interesting assets. Rapping Spanish and Hebrew, combining Yoga with Zionism, rapping about user friendly topics and and uncovering deeper issues of depression, Awkward in a Good Way explains that embracing yourself is the most important thing to succeed in life, and possibly the best thing anyone can do for themselves. Described as the hardest working man in Hip hop by Source Magazine, Murs' caught eye of the hard worker and re-connected with him post Paid Dues 2012 to release the AIAGW album via LABEL 316.

  • Producer: Jesse Shatkin
  • Runtime: 36 minutes, 11 songs
  • Release Date: