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Y0$#! (Yoshi) The Cat In The Hat That Can Rap All Eye Know


“All Eye Know” is the latest single from Atlanta, Georgia-based rapper Y0$#! (Yoshi), also known as “The Cat in the Hat That Can Rap”. The track features groove-worthy beats and Y0$#!’s own outstanding vocals to create a catchy anthem that’s all about making money. Known for blending multiple genres in his music, Y0$#!’s “All Eye Know” channels classic R&B and instantly transports you to the dance floor. When you press play, you’re immediately hit with an electronic melody and a beat that will get you moving. The narrative in the lyrics is a tale of trials and success, as he sings “I used to have holes in my sneakers, now we on top and they see us”. The slight electronic effect on the vocals during the hook adds an extra layer of ear candy that will have you singing it over and over.

  • Producer: Morgan Garcia
  • Release Date:

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