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This World Is In A Bit Of A Wried Place Right Now, And It Has Been Affecting Our Health, Communities Live hood And So Much More. Truly Its Hard To Live In Times Of Uncertainty And Yet It Is Forcing All Of Us To Slow Down And A Lot Of Our Youth Has Been Trying To Make Out A Living For Themselves Still The Government Refuse To Support Them And The Force System Won't Let Them Be.. So A Fasting Raising Artist From Africa Named "Vickers" Decided To Make An Out Reach Song Describing Their Flaws (Government/ Force System) And How They Direct Their Energy In Their Selfish Interest, Instead Of Making The Country A Better Place By Look For A Way To Unlock Us From The Lockdown So Every Individuals Would Go Back To Their Live Basis... Stream And Listen And Don't Forget To Share

  • Producer: The Beat Sounds
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