Kiddo Makveli Busted Season Confessions


BusTedSeason Confessions The EP BusTedSeason explains what music means to him as an artist. The word "BusTed" is a symbol meant for the streets! You've got to be a G never relaxing always trapping, grinding hard and becoming Dreams Chaser! The EP carries different sounds as he is a versatile artist and wants his first project to be one with different sounds. The hit sound from the EP called "Soda!" was made for the street and also "All for the money (AFTM)" which is used to throw lite on the current situation in the country and all things people do just to get money and make a living. And also other beautiful tracks that will be well pleased to the ears of good music lovers. 4 tracks were produced by J.Young and a track by Liberia's best producer Duke Blac. Enjoy!

  • Producer: J. Young
  • Runtime: 16 minutes, 5 songs
  • Release Date: