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Kene Himself Village People


Kene Himself

Eh Holy Ghost Fire One time for my village people Eeeh ehh They wanna see my downfall but i'm being beautiful They wanna see my downfall but i'm being Never hesitate to disappoint them when they're plotting evil Eeeh ehh I wanna give a shout out to my village people To my Village people oh yeah Dem don dey move dem don dey move See dem Enter my lane dey gum body Dem don dey yarn dem don dey talk See dem Na this my name dem want dirty If i do dem go vex If i no do dem go vex Carry my matter for their head Na only when i die na then dem go rest Ha ga'eme gi mara n'ihu Mara mara n'ihu Mara mara n'ihu Turn around na warka dem go give you No be good thing dem dey wish you Bad bele no dey put money for your pocket Same opportunity wey God give us You dey use your own do nonsense