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Kene Himself Don't Let The Devil Use You


Kene Himself

Fuck the rap game I'mma OG in real life Been knocked down never thought that I could get up and still fight See, y'all don't know what it feels like To be same one to cook a beat pick a pen and still write I'm eclectic , probably don't know what it means I split genres across the seams I'm seemingly unassuming You niggas ain't never seen this much talent in a human You fucking with a one man band One man gang They see me movin they don't understand I'm in my bag In my zone Never stay still Always on go Money in the bank Mind on more Shut shit down Whenever I show She textin me say she like my flow Make her heart race like Usain Bolt Ten toes on the ground Muthafuckers know what I'm about Cross me then it's boom boom pow POW I got a couple screws loose now Don't the devil use you now (Use