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Kay Anthony The Art Part II

Kay Anthony an young aspiring 18 year old artist straight out of Brooklyn NY flatbush to be exact with his up high young charismatic flows in rapping hes not your average 18 year old with his videos hitting over 30K views each video he's sure is an internet sensation between his peers & his group behind him #EFFPERFECTION & his fashion icon friends godheads he sure is inspiring young teens his age to be more ambitious with whatever they strive for.Kay Anthony in the pass year has been buzzing all over the internet as ppl awaited his debut mixtape release june5th Kay Anthony has been in vibe magazine 3 times in one year also getting love from fans out of the ny scene places such as Toronto Canada ,Colorado ,Texas , his hard core raw lyrics are sure to send chills down your spine

  • Producer: Red Ronin, Canis Major, Freddy Joachim & The Alchemist
  • Runtime: 24 minutes, 10 songs
  • Release Date: