Kartel Sco; 3StarYL Kartel Sco; 3StarYL WALK (Prod. SXPPLY)


Kartel Sco

Kartel never disappoints when it comes to consistency. On the SXPPLY produced and Hrtbrk Tray mixed and engineered track WALK, with the help of his brother 3StarYL the duo creates another classic "hood anthem". The hook features Kartel bragging on how he conceals and uses his "Draco" AK-47 pistol, having the best lawyer in the city to beat a murder charge, still thugging on Bond as referenced on "SCO", urinating on a dead adversaries grave, and his gang ties, who knew the guy has so many. On the first verse Kartel in his unique flow breaks down to the listener what pimping isn’t, how and why the average joe shouldn't dabble into the heartless and sinful business of the drug trade. YL takes over on the second verse as he raps about his life; gang ties, home invasions, all while trying to change his life for the better working 9 to 5. The artist also spits about his incarcerated cousin being snitched on by someone who wasn’t ready for the consequences of "jumping off the porch". The duo finds a unique way to paint to their younger listeners the dangers of wanting to be "street" and the consequences of such toxic mentality.