Kirill Bogomilov | Kanteleon "So svetom po Svetu"

This debut CD was released In 2016 by the author - Kirill Bogomilov. He is autor of instrumental music with a unique blend of Psalterium and ancient-Slavic wind and stringed instruments. Сontinues the ancient tradition of the performing music on very oldest musical instrument - SLAVONIC PSALTERIUM (helmet-shaped Gusli). It's a slavic-epic music instrument similar kantele, zither, lute, lira - is a type of music instruments of old-slavics like Boan and epic-hero Sadko, which has been known among the very oldest civilizations Hyperborea and Scythia. Psalterium (Gusli) was tied to the art of rune singing in two ways: as an instrument used to accompany rune singing and as a significant motif of the runes. Kirill Bogomilov takes the epics and legends of Ancient Russia and creates a new ones.

  • Producer: Kanteleon
  • Runtime: 80 minutes, 21 songs
  • Release Date: