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KALLITECHNIS and Coastal running (Coastal Remix)

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I wrote “running” a year ago, in an attempt to encapsulate my connectedness to the world around me. I’ve been aware of my privilege for some time, as I’ve recognized that the love and opportunity I’ve grown up with isn’t guaranteed, but a blessing that I’m appreciative of. In the last couple of years, I’ve been moving with that in mind, and I’ve intentionally shared the light that has graced my being with others through music. A year since writing “running”, it’s become clearer than ever that my privilege and my blessings are highly dependent on my race. And so, as I continue to heal my(self) through writing and music and hope that the listeners are affected positively through the intent of my words and sounds. 50% OF MY REVENUE WILL BE GOING TO A DIFFERENT BLACK ORGANIZATION MONTHLY.

  • Album: blends vol. I
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