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Jux The Love Album


Jux is proud to present his very first Album, “The Love Album” In this album, you shall get to listen to the real life of Jux, more of a reality show in form of music. Jux is know to be the perfect gentleman when it comes to his relationships. In ‘The Love Album’, we shall get to know 70% of his love life; from the good, the bad and the ugly. He sings in profound melodies about how his previous relationships were, how some of them ended, and how new relationships have began. To add on that, we can hear in one of the songs ‘sio mbaya’ where he talks about his own life and what’s happening at the moment. Jux is known to be very private in his relationships, but he has decided to let everyone know what’s in his heart through ‘The Love Album’. The Love Album has some collaborations from top artists like Nyashinski from Kenya, Singah from Nigeria, Diamond Platnumz, Ru

  • Runtime: 58 minutes, 18 songs
  • Release Date: