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Juice Bombay Tsotsi On Drip


As kid who was born and raised in the Vaal Triange Gauteng, we kinda have a bit hard compared to other locations in Gauteng, everyday is a struggle to make means to sustain the everyday needs of our daily lives. As a kid growing up in the hood I kinda made paths with people from all walks of life. I crossed paths with alot of hood Tsotsi's or Thieves as they call them. On this project I wanted to kinda paint a story of a Dude who has to wake up everyday not knowing where the next meal is gonna come from. I wanted to paint a picture also to all my hood brothers and sisters that you must all push hard and put your head high despite the odds you may be experiencing right now. The place you come from should not dertime where you're going because at the end of the day we all have a purpose, we

  • Runtime: 11 minutes, 4 songs
  • Release Date: