Patrice, Mr Eazi, Jugglerz Tall Shade



Jugglerz presents Afro-German reggae legend ​Patrice featuring Afrobeats sensation Mr Eazi with their latest single ‘​Tall Shade​’. In times of Corona crisis, this song is the much needed soundtrack for the rise of positivity and the feeling of springtime 2020! 'Tall Shade' combines enjoyable elements of Afrobeats and Reggae to create a catchy mid-tempo groove with the uplifting drip of Mr Eazi. With an abundance of songs proliferating the airwaves that are rapidly consumed and quickly forgotten it can often be challenging for artists to grab and retain the attention of their sometimes fickle audiences, but through the breezy instrumentation of ‘Tall Shade’ Patrice’s voice pierces the atmosphere with a powerful opening statement: “When you stand tall you throw shade”.

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