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Johnny Quest The Rebel Addicted 2 Money

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Johnny Quest The Rebel returns after his 2020 project Follow and prepares to continue his journey as one of hip-hop's young stars with his latest single, Addicted 2 Money. While Follow is a story of the hardships of obtaining your dreams, Addicted 2 Money is a look at money and value as a substance and finding comfort and refuge in them (to the point of obsession). The song turns into a self-made narrative of increasing personal value independent of external relationships, resources, and substances. In turn, Quest has focused his addictive personality on obtaining riches. The Bvtman-produced track romanticizes the relationship between Quest and earning capital, and is a musical score for the hustler-at-heart.

  • Producer: Bvtman
  • Album: Money Dreamz
  • Release Date: