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JIG LeFrost & Blvck Svm NO KIZZY


JIG LeFrost

[Verse 1] I’m busy I’m in the ends dizzy Spending 10, 20 50s No Cap No Kizzy Shooters and savages in the trees Gorillas they drillin no Vietnamese Gave her some bread now she creaming cheese No Cap No Kizzy [Hook] To keep it a hundred I Keep it alive No Cap No Kizzy I’m in the trap with a Lizzie McGuire No Cap No Kizzy I got a nigga in love with the fire No Cap No Kizzy One of my niggas got caught on a wire No Cap No Kizzy Pressin a opp, deep dive and fry em No Cap No Kizzy Ain’t no lick that call me liar No Cap No Kizzy [Verse 2] Summer in Cali that shit was a vibe Push it out park and put it in drive Smokin on diamonds I bezeled my greenery Refining this precious machinery What kinda question is what doеs it mean to me? Everything I’ll put a diamond on еverything I put my family on eve

  • Producer: prod. Eddie Priest & Strain
  • Release Date: