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JHYBO ft. Cynthia Morgan Jhybo Number One Lover

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Jhybo reunites with Cynthia Morgan aka Madrina, 9 years after their smash hit ‘Ejo Le Fero’ hit the airwaves . The talented artists reveal what they’ve been up to with this sweet Afro lovers rock/dance hall jam entitled, ‘Number One Lover’ . Jhybo’s pursues Madrina as he tries to win over her affections after falling hopelessly in love. Jhybo’s crisp vocals compliment Morgan’s alluring charm in this Afro pop love ballad. A nice surprise for the fans & supporters of both artists. Produced by Popito, mixed by Bahdman Clarke & mastered by Spyritmyx.

  • Producer: Popito
  • Album: Number One Lover
  • Release Date: