Jduce Yola Gang Vol 2

  • Feat. Zay & Hunit Grams


Jduce is working hard Heres Yola Gang Vol 2 the 2nd mixtape that has been released on Audio Mack there are 3 tracks on This Tape such as "South side of Prov Get it back and No feelings that have visuals on youtube and the views are climbing you can type in Jduce or Pushers and Peddlers on youtbe and find all three of the videos and more Jduce wit this crazy word play witty punch lines and crazy delivery puts on a show as he drops knowledge with a mix of bars and lyrical ability with every song on this project…….Enjoy - PUSHERS N PEDDLERS #LONGLIVE40 #RIPANTHENDRIX
  • Producer: Gorillo, SmoreZy, Asheq Music
  • Release Date: January 29, 2016