YaosoneR Rudeboy Rio Tape

This project is a collection of unmastered and mixed music, some of my favorite throw away freestyles and beats from 2003 and beyond. We were playing trying to figure out what direction we wanted our music to sound and go in. It was a learning process that we are still going threw. We know the chances of getting a deal are slim to none. We love hip-hop,so we keep trying. Some of these tracks was really good to me, and not many people ever heard them. I decided to pitch out a couple joints if you all like them I might pitch out a couple more in another four years or so.😁 enjoy 🎉Happy New Years... -Yaos oneR 😶

  • Producer: YaosoneR, Jaybee & Etc.
  • Runtime: 0 seconds, 8 songs
  • Release Date: December 31, 2016


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