Jay Verze David Ruffin

  • Album: David Ruffin (Single)


This lyrical portrait of a rising star embodies both the glamour of the grind and the struggle of a young man who is just “trying to do his own thing.” The mellow instrumental produced by Scrilla Beats, and heartfelt lyrics written and delivered by Jay Verze gives this track a timeless sense of connection that is not unlike that of “Today Was a Good Day” by Ice Cube or “Look What You've Done” by Drake. Although this is not the song to dance to in the club, it is the song, or the work of art rather, that will remind you of whom you were while motivating you to be who you always wanted to be by doing your own thing. -Eli Novus

  • Producer: Darius Exum
  • Album: David Ruffin (Single)
  • Release Date: