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Jarred A.G. Luxury Tax

Jarred A.G.

"We push, we hustle, we work, and we strive in this competitive capitalistic society. No mercy for the weak and no constant protective entity to keep us from evil. Just look at this life as a game of monopoly, you have to learn to be on your toes when people try to bamboozle you. You can either make them regret trying to ruin you by being vengeful, or focus on recovering back and keep buying property. In the end, after you finish playing, all those houses and hotels you worked hard for just ends up going back in the box. A necessary contribution you have to do in order to keep playing next time, a price to pay before you become affluent in this game. A Luxury Tax." - TheBlacMarket

  • Runtime: 17 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date: